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Today's Dexion offers two great racking choices.

For over sixty-five years, Dexion Keylock has set the racking bar high. It has been, and remains, the choice in thousands of warehouses and facilities across Australia and Asia. And in new Speedlock, Dexion has created the perfect stable mate.

Today's Dexion offers unmatched choice in beam profiles and carrying capacity.

Now you have a choice of Dexion racking systems: the market-leading Keylock and all-new Speedlock. With sixteen different beam profiles, each with its own selection of size and load-carrying capacities, the addition of Speedlock means Dexion's flexibility simply can't be matched by the competition. Nor can anyone equal Dexion's ability to create customised, cost-effective solutions.

I-Beam Box Beam Heavy Duty Box Beam

Today's Dexion puts a few holes in the argument for choosing other uprights.

The new generation of Dexion uprights brings the rigour and safety of AS4084:2012 compliant design to your business. Dexion has twelve different uprights to precisely meet the needs of any application. Uprights are made with high strength steel and the slot pattern is expressly designed to remove as little of that steel from the upright as possible. This provides maximum strength and structural robustness. It's this commitment to quality of steel and efficient design that's kept Dexion ahead of the market for over sixty-five years.

Speed Lock Key Lock

Today's Dexion ensures full compliance with the new AS4084:2012 standard.

The new AS4084:2012 requires racking manufacturers to determine the material properties of their components by conducting independent testing. Within a six month period, the University of Technology, Sydney has conducted over one thousand tests, and counting, on all Dexion's racking components. Because at Dexion today, we understand that compliance with the toughest standard in the world is critical in future-proofing your new racking system, wherever you do business.

Tests AS4084

Lifetime Warranty

The world-class range of Dexion industrial storage products is designed to perform day in, day out. In fact, Dexion products are designed to last a lifetime, that's why in addition to our standard 12 month warranty we offer our customers the Dexion Lifetime Product Warranty*.

The Dexion Lifetime Product Warranty* covers structural failure and defects in materials and workmanship in new products manufactured by Dexion. For the Dexion Lifetime Product Warranty* to remain valid, Dexion must carry out an inspection of your storage installation and Dexion products during the 12th month of each consecutive 12 month period for the duration of the Dexion Lifetime Product Warranty*.

*Conditions Apply.